Garage Door Won’t Close? Here’s Why and How to Fix It

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    Garage Door Needs Immediate Repair

    A garage door that won’t close can be a real hassle. Aside from potentially being a security issue, it’s just plain inconvenient. Luckily, there are several reasons this might be happening, and a good number of them can be addressed without calling in a professional. Still, for some, professional help might be the best option.

    The Top Reasons Your Garage Door Isn’t Closing

    Let’s dive into some of the common culprits that prevent garage doors from shutting properly.

    1. Misaligned Sensors

    One of the most common reasons is misaligned sensors. Modern garage doors often come with sensors to prevent them from closing on objects or people. However, these sensors can sometimes become misaligned, preventing the door from closing.

    2. Obstructions

    Something as simple as a broom or a toy left in the door’s path can halt its progress. Always ensure there’s nothing blocking the door.

    3. Broken Springs or Cables

    A garage door operates using a system of springs and cables. When these become damaged, they can hinder the door’s operation. If you suspect this, consider seeking professional assistance.

    4. Track Issues

    Sometimes the tracks the door runs on can become bent or obstructed. This can prevent smooth operation. Regular garage door maintenance can help spot these issues early.

    Highly Detailed Table About Garage Door Won’t Close

    Issue Potential Cause Solution
    Door doesn’t move No power Check power connections and batteries
    Damaged springs/cables Seek professional repair
    Stops mid-way Misaligned sensors Adjust sensors to ensure they face each other
    Obstruction Clear the garage door’s path
    Moves just a bit Broken springs Consider spring repair
    Door closes then opens Sensors detect something Check for obstructions or sensor misalignment
    Noisy operation Track or roller issue Invest in a tune-up or track adjustment

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How often should I service my garage door?

    A regular check once a year should suffice for most doors. However, if you notice any issues or hear unusual noises, it’s best to schedule a tune-up sooner.

    Can I realign the sensors myself?

    Yes, realigning sensors is often a straightforward task. However, if you’re uncertain or face complications, consider reaching out for emergency garage door repair.

    Is it safe to repair springs on my own?

    Springs can be dangerous if mishandled. If you suspect spring issues, it’s safer to consult a professional for spring repair.

    How do I know if my track is bent or damaged?

    Visually inspect the track. If you see bends, dents, or obstructions, your track might need adjustment or repair. For more on this, read about garage door track adjustment.


    In summary, a garage door that won’t close isn’t just an inconvenience; it can be a sign of underlying issues. Whether it’s misaligned sensors, obstructions, or more severe damage, addressing the problem quickly is essential. Our team at Zettler Openers is always ready to assist with any garage door issue. Don’t hesitate; if you face any challenges, reach out and contact us today.

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