How to bypass garage door sensors? Step by Step Guide

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    how to bypass garage door sensors

    Garage door sensors are an essential safety feature in modern garage door systems. They prevent accidental damage or injury by halting the door’s progress if an obstruction is detected. However, sometimes these sensors malfunction or become misaligned, leading homeowners to seek ways to bypass them temporarily. If you’re faced with a non-operating garage door due to sensor issues, here’s a guide to help you navigate through the bypassing process.

    Understand the Mechanism

    Garage door sensors typically function by sending an infrared beam across the door’s threshold. If this beam is interrupted, it signals the garage door opener to stop or reverse its motion. Before bypassing, you should always check for real obstructions.

    Steps to Bypass Garage Door Sensors:

    1. Locate the Sensors: They are typically found at the bottom of the garage door track and are usually small, rectangular, and have a LED light.
    2. Inspect for Damage or Misalignment: Before bypassing, ensure the sensors aren’t merely misaligned. Sometimes, realigning can solve the problem.
    3. Disconnect the Power: Safety first! Before working on any electrical equipment, always disconnect the power.
    4. Disconnect the Sensors: Detach the sensors from their brackets. The wires connecting them to the opener remain intact.
    5. Join the Two Sensors: Using a piece of wire or a paperclip, join the two sensor heads together. This tricks the system into thinking the path is clear.
    6. Reconnect the Power: Once the sensors are bypassed, reconnect the power to your garage door opener.
    7. Operate the Door Manually: If you’re still having issues, you might need to operate your garage door manually.
    Bypassing the sensors is a temporary solution. It’s crucial to fix or replace faulty sensors immediately to ensure safety.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is my garage door not closing?

    Garage doors may refuse to close for various reasons, such as sensor misalignment, track obstructions, or mechanical failures. For a detailed overview, explore our garage door repairs FAQ.

    Can I fix the garage door sensors on my own?

    While some minor adjustments, like realignment, can be done by homeowners, it’s advisable to seek professional help for more complex issues. Check our guide on how to improve garage door opener reception.

    How often should I get my garage door serviced?

    Routine maintenance can prolong your garage door’s lifespan. We recommend an annual check-up. View our comprehensive garage door maintenance checklist for guidance.

    Are garage door sensors interchangeable?

    Most garage door sensors are brand-specific. Using sensors from a different brand or model might not ensure compatibility or safe operation.


    Bypassing garage door sensors can be a temporary relief to a malfunctioning system. However, for long-term safety and functionality, it’s imperative to address the root issue. Whether you’re looking for guidance on choosing a new garage door or require emergency repairs, Zettler Openers is here to assist. Reach out today, and let us cater to all your garage door needs.

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