Is there a Warranty on a garage door repair?

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    Is there a Warranty on a garage door repair

    When your garage door malfunctions, it’s not just an inconvenience; it can also pose a safety risk and compromise your home’s security. Thus, ensuring quality repairs is paramount, and part of this assurance comes from understanding the warranties offered on garage door repairs. Knowing what to expect from a warranty can significantly influence your decision when selecting a service provider.

    What Does a Garage Door Repair Warranty Cover?

    Warranties on garage door repairs can vary greatly depending on the company, the type of repair, and the components involved. It’s crucial to have clear information about what your warranty covers. Below is a detailed table highlighting common repair services and the typical warranty specifications associated with each.

    Type of Repair Typical Warranty Duration Coverage Details
    Spring replacement 3-7 years Covers breakage but often not issues due to wear and tear.
    Garage door opener repair 1-3 years Generally covers mechanical issues; might exclude problems resulting from external damages.
    Cable replacement 1-3 years Covers failure of the cables; usually doesn’t include damage caused by misuse or accidents.
    Panel replacement 1-2 years Limited to defects in materials or workmanship; doesn’t cover intentional damage.
    Roller replacement 1-3 years Covers malfunctioning rollers but might exclude wear and tear from normal usage.
    Track adjustment 6 months – 1 year Covers issues directly related to the service performed, not new problems or pre-existing issues.

    Why Choose Us?

    Opting for our services at Zettler guarantees you the peace of mind knowing you’re backed by a robust warranty. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing top-notch service and ensuring your garage door functions seamlessly. We understand the complexities involved in garage door track adjustments, spring replacements, and more.

    Moreover, we take pride in offering:

    • Prompt and reliable services.
    • High-quality, durable repair parts.
    • Transparent pricing with no hidden costs.
    • Comprehensive warranty plans.

    Our Service Areas

    We provide our expert services across numerous locations. Whether you’re facing an emergency situation at odd hours or seeking routine preventive maintenance, our team is available in the following areas:

    • Columbus
    • Springfield
    • Westerville
    • Grove City
    • Delaware

    Common FAQs About Garage Door Repair Warranties

    What happens if my garage door malfunctions again during the warranty period?

    If a defect occurs within the warranty period, contact us immediately. Our technicians will examine the issue, and if it falls under warranty coverage, the repair will be conducted at no extra charge. It’s part of our commitment to quality garage door repairs.

    Does the warranty cover parts and labor?

    Yes, most warranties from our services cover both parts and labor. It’s integral for ensuring a completely risk-free repair experience. However, specific terms can vary, and we recommend reviewing your warranty details.

    Can the warranty be voided?

    Unfortunately, yes. Warranties can be voided if the garage door undergoes unauthorized modifications, improper use, or if repairs are attempted by anyone other than a professional from our team. For instance, issues arising from DIY garage door spring installations might not be covered.

    Is the warranty transferable if I sell my home?

    Typically, garage door repair warranties are not transferable. They are designed to provide a service to the original purchaser and thus, stay with the homeowner. If you’re planning to sell, getting a garage door tune-up can be a great way to pass on a smoothly functioning system to the buyers.


    Understanding the specifics of your garage door repair warranty is crucial. It provides the assurance of quality workmanship and protects against additional costs for defects within the specified period. Our team at Zettler is dedicated to exceptional service, ensuring your garage door repairs are durable, reliable, and backed by a comprehensive warranty.

    With expertise in various repairs, from handling a broken garage door spring to complex garage door opener installations, we cover a wide spectrum of issues. Whether you’re dealing with a malfunctioning system or need advice on maintenance, our professionals are here to help.

    Don’t compromise on your garage door’s performance and safety. Trust a service that not only fixes the immediate problem but also offers the assurance of a warranty. Contact us for all your garage door repair needs, and experience the peace of mind that comes with reliable, warranty-backed services.

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