Why is my garage door shifted to one side when I close it?

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    Why is my garage door shifted to one side when I close it

    Why is my garage door shifted to one side when I close it? This issue is not just an aesthetic concern but can also indicate potential safety risks. Understanding the reasons behind this problem is crucial for any homeowner.

    Common Causes

    1. Track Alignment Issues: The tracks guide your garage door. If they’re misaligned, your door will shift.
    2. Worn Out Rollers: Over time, rollers can wear down, causing uneven movement.
    3. Broken Springs: Springs counterbalance the door’s weight. A broken spring can cause shifting.
    4. Cable Problems: Frayed or broken cables can prevent smooth operation.

    Detailed Analysis Table

    Cause Symptoms Solutions
    Track Misalignment Uneven gaps, noisy operation Professional track adjustment
    Worn Rollers Rough movement, squeaking sounds Roller replacement
    Spring Issues Door quickly falls, uneven lifting Spring repair or replacement
    Cable Damage Loose or hanging cables, door jams Cable inspection and repair

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I know if my garage door tracks are misaligned?

    Misaligned tracks often cause gaps between the door and the frame. You might also hear scraping noises.

    Can worn rollers be repaired or do they need to be replaced?

    In most cases, worn rollers need replacement. Repair is not typically feasible due to wear and tear.

    Is it safe to repair garage door springs on my own?

    Garage door spring repair can be dangerous. It’s best handled by professionals.

    What should I do if my garage door cables are damaged?

    If you notice damaged cables, stop using the door and contact a professional immediately to prevent further damage or injury.


    Dealing with a shifted garage door is not just about aesthetics; it’s a safety issue. Whether it’s misaligned tracks, worn rollers, broken springs, or damaged cables, our team at Zettler Openers is here to help. We understand the intricacies of garage doors and provide affordable garage door repair in Columbus. Don’t let a shifted garage door disrupt your daily routine. Contact us for expert service and peace of mind.

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