Why is there a gap on one side of my garage door?

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    Why is there a gap on one side of my garage door

    Have you noticed a gap on one side of your garage door? This common issue can lead to various problems, from weather damage to security concerns. Let’s explore why this happens and how it can be fixed.

    Common Causes of Garage Door Gaps

    Misaligned Tracks

    Misaligned tracks can cause the door to sit unevenly, leading to a gap on one side.

    Worn Out Weather Stripping

    Over time, weather stripping can deteriorate, causing gaps to appear.

    Uneven Flooring

    An uneven garage floor can result in gaps under the door.

    Broken Springs or Cables

    Damaged springs or cables can prevent the door from closing fully.

    Bent Door Panels

    Bent or damaged panels can create gaps on the sides.

    Improper Installation

    If the door was not installed correctly, it might not sit flush against the frame.

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    Detailed Table: Causes and Solutions for Garage Door Gaps

    Cause Symptom Solution
    Misaligned Tracks Door sits unevenly, visible gaps on one side. Adjust or replace the tracks.
    Worn Weather Stripping Visible wear and tear, gaps along the edges. Replace the weather stripping.
    Uneven Flooring Gap under the door. Use a floor seal or adjust the door’s bottom.
    Broken Springs/Cables Door struggles to close, gaps when shut. Replace springs or cables.
    Bent Door Panels Irregular gaps, bent sections on the door. Repair or replace the panels.
    Improper Installation Gaps around the door frame. Realign or reinstall the door.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What can cause a gap on one side of a garage door?

    Various factors, such as misaligned tracks, worn weather stripping, or even a bent door panel, can lead to this issue.

    How can I prevent gaps from forming on my garage door?

    Regular maintenance, including checking alignment, replacing worn parts, and ensuring proper installation, is key.

    Is it safe to use my garage door if there’s a gap on one side?

    Using a garage door with a gap can lead to security issues and weather damage. It’s best to address the problem promptly.

    Can I fix a garage door gap myself, or should I call a professional?

    For minor adjustments, DIY might be feasible. However, for major issues, it’s safer and more efficient to call professionals.


    In conclusion, a gap on one side of your garage door is not just a cosmetic issue. It’s a sign of potential underlying problems that need attention. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs are crucial. If you’re experiencing this issue, don’t hesitate to contact us for expert garage door repair in Columbus. Our team is ready to provide efficient, reliable, and affordable services to ensure your garage door operates smoothly and securely. Remember, your garage door’s health is vital to your home’s security and efficiency.

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