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    Garage Door Installation

    Need a Garage Door Installation?

    Is your mechanical door old and in need of replacement?

    Replacing your garage door will not only increase the value of your home.

    A newly replaced overhead door will also improve your security and your home’s curb appeal.

    Moreover, if you want to ensure high-quality services, entrust your garage door installation needs to a certified technician.

    Professional technicians will provide you thorough details and technical specifications of the needed services.

    Therefore, connect with Zettler Openers and we will dispatch our team as soon as you call.

    Our technicians will then take measurements, show you samples, and go over the details of the project with you.

    Talk to us so we can help you find the best possible solution to your needs.

    What Makes Garage Door Replacement Necessary?

    Every household uses the garage differently.

    Some use it to park their vehicle; others may find it useful as storage, functional gym, or home office.

    Regardless of what prompts us, we all want to replace our old and worn mechanical hardware for the following reasons:

    • Wanting to enhance or improve your home’s facade
    • A new garage door adds value to a home, allowing for a higher resale price
    • The old doors have a number of flaws that will require expensive repairs
    • Replacing is less expensive and gives your garage a fresh look
    • You want to upgrade from your old uninsulated model to a new insulated panel
    • Lowering your energy costs

    Partner with an expert technician in Columbus to achieve your desired garage door.

    Our team will show you design samples and garage door models tailored to your needs.

    Zettler Garage Doors services, including parts replacement or repair, are backed by industry-standard warranties.

    Our Garage Door Makes and Models

    There are many different types and models of garage doors you can find in the market today.

    With hundreds of variations and designs available from manufacturers, you will never run out of options.

    Regardless of the premium brands, if the garage door installation isn’t done correctly, you’re only getting what you pay for.

    But, when you entrust the garage door installation in Columbus with the experts, we guarantee you quality services.

    Talk to us directly if you want to make sure you get the most value for the money.

    Our customer support is standing by to address all of your concerns.

    Zettler Openers doesn’t just make promises; we back them up with high-quality work and services.

    Get your Garage Door Insulated

    Insulation is a necessary element of the garage door to maintain the desired temperature inside your garage.

    If you live in a colder climate, the insulation factor will help keep the garage warm, including your living space.

    We have two of the most commonly used insulating materials in the market including polyurethane and fiberglass.

    For more information regarding our insulated garage door panel, talk to us!

    We want to give you the best and most efficient garage door installation in Columbus.

    What Services We Provide

    Overhead doors are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs.

    Aside from that, you can also have it tailored according to your preferred tastes.

    That’s why we offer a variety of garage doors because we all have distinct tastes in terms of style.

    Here are a few of the most popular mechanical doors we offer:

    Carriage-style overhead door

    Carriage doors were originally made of wood and had thick iron hinges on the sides.

    The mechanical hardware is designed in such a way that the door can swing forward.

    While the hardware’s functionality has improved over time, its appearance has remained consistent.

    A carriage-style garage door is all you need if you want something traditional with a modern twist.

    Traditional-style garage door

    Traditional garage doors are ideal for homeowners who prefer a cleaner, more classic look.

    Traditional-style overhead doors typically have raised rectangular panels that can be customized.

    This hardware goes with so many different styles.

    That’s why it’s one of the most popular choices among garage door buyers.

    Contemporary garage door

    Sleek designs and appearances characterize modern-style garage doors.

    Its modern materials and clean lines will undoubtedly improve your home’s curb appeal.

    So, if you’re interested in contemporary-style mechanical doors, give us a call!

    We guarantee that garage doors will last longer if you hire a professional to install them.

    Our doors are guaranteed to outlast their lifespan.

    Book Our Technician in Columbus Today!

    Make an appointment with our Columbus garage door experts today to ensure a smooth and functional garage door!

    We are always on the road to provide technical assistance, regardless of the services you require.

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