Garage Door Motor Repair

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    Garage Door Motor Repair

    Garage Door Motor Repair Service

    Do you know that the average garage door motor runs over a thousand times per year?

    That’s why garage door motors are expected to lose their resiliency over time, resulting in faulty operations.

    Minor issues with the hardware’s motor will eventually become a safety hazard if ignored.

    Furthermore, if left unattended for an extended period of time, it may result in costly repairs.

    A faulty garage motor is also a risk to your safety and health; exposing your family to danger at any given moment.

    So, if it begins to show signs of faulty operation, contact a reputable service provider in Columbus.

    Zettler Openers specializes in repairing garage door motors in a safe and efficient manner.

    If you experience any of the following issues listed below, call us immediately for garage door motor repair.

    A faulty component causes faulty operations

    It’s very likely that one of the hardware components isn’t working when you notice any faulty operations.

    One of the most common garage door problems that any homeowner will encounter is the switch.

    You may need to take the following steps before calling for technical assistance:

    1. First, make sure the light indicators are working
    2. If the garage motor is not receiving power due to wiring issues, look for trip-offs.
      By doing so, you should check it in the circuit breaker or ground fault circuit interrupter
    3. Another option is to manually operate the garage door after completely disengaging the garage opener carriage
    4. To operate the door panel without using the faulty motor, simply pull the chain

    Furthermore, if you are unfamiliar with the device, contact a reputable service provider in your area.

    Due to the nature of the component, electrocution may occur, resulting in serious injury.

    As a result, we strongly advise you to seek technical assistance.

    The device runs after being closed completely

    Even after the panel has been completely closed, the motor continues to run.

    If the close limit switch is not properly adjusted, the motor may continue to run.

    That’s why you’ll hear the motor operating even when the garage door is fully opened or closed.

    The close limit switch on the opener must be readjusted or calibrated to fix the faulty operation.

    For proper adjustments, consult your garage door opener’s manual.

    If you’re not sure you can handle the job, leave the technical job to the expert technicians.

    The motor stalls or refuses to operate

    Check the sensor on the hardware first.

    The safety sensors are responsible for transmitting the signal to the motor.

    If the garage door’s track is blocked, the panel will not lower.

    However, there are a few things that can lead to sensor malfunction.

    The most common cause is dirt and grime accumulating in the sensor lens.

    To solve this problem, simply wipe the lenses with a dry microfiber cloth.

    Poor sensor alignment

    The red and green beam lights on the sensors should point in a straight line.

    If both beams aren’t aligned, the motor may receive a false signal.

    As a result, the motor stalls in the middle of its cycle.

    Finally, inspect the garage door trolley for physical obstructions.

    Perhaps you overlooked a dangling rope or cable, resulting in the problem.

    The motor will not respond

    First, check your remote control batteries if this problem occurs.

    Due to the frequency of use, batteries will degrade over time and may need to be replaced.

    Prompt the remote control after replacing the battery.

    When troubleshooting, make sure you’re close to the garage.

    If the problem persists after attempting to resolve it, you may need to replace your remote.

    Moreover, to effectively resolve the problem, leave the job to a professional technician.

    The motor makes a grinding noise, but the panel remains stationary

    If this is the case, your garage door drive gear may be broken.

    The trolley carriage is operated by a motor drive gear, which is a plastic component.

    That component is responsible for transmitting mechanical power from the garage motor.

    Due to daily use, the drive gear may wear out and lose its gear teeth over time.

    Furthermore, this type of faulty function may necessitate the use of specialized tools and protective equipment.

    Book an Expert Technician in Columbus Today!

    If you don’t have the right tools and skills, don’t try to fix faulty operations or broken hardware parts.

    It will not only save you time but will also protect you from serious injuries and safety hazards.

    Let us handle the repairs!

    Zettler Openers have the tools, personnel, and experience to safely and efficiently service, install, and replace any garage door motor.

    Our team is available 24/7 regardless of your needed garage door repairs in Columbus.

    Make an appointment with us, and we’ll show up ready to get your garage motor running like new!

    Talk to us anytime!

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